Should you choose bespoke e-learning?

The question of whether modern organisations should choose a bespoke e-learning solution over an off-the-shelf course is becoming increasingly irrelevant. It is now widely understood that custom e-learning programs lead to a much higher return on investment, as they can be designed to target very specific learning outcomes. With off-the-shelf training programs becoming a thing of the past, the question then becomes: how do you choose the right custom e-learning development company to build your training materials?

There are so many custom e-learning companies to choose from that picking the one best equipped to meet your needs can be a challenge. Unfortunately, not all e-learning development companies are as trustworthy, reliable, or as effective as their marketing materials would have you believe. To save you from wasting time and resources on disreputable developers, we’ve put together some guidance to help you find the right people to build your custom training program.

Ask For Recommendations

If you know anyone who has worked with custom e-learning companies before, ask them about their experience. This will allow you to add or remove agencies from your shortlist, based on whether your associate’s recommendations.

Ask your contact what they liked or didn’t like about the service. They may tell you it was the turnaround time, the end product, the attitude of their project manager, or something else altogether. Understanding the reason for their review is important, as they may be placing a lot of weight on something that would not be a dealbreaker from your perspective, or vice versa.

Check out previous custom training development work

Don’t be won over by a few rave reviews or a fancy website – the proof is always in the pudding. Review your potential provider’s custom e-learning portfolio, and consider the following:

  • Are their designs impactful and memorable?
  • Do they use a variety of custom-made animations and graphics?
  • Have they worked with organisations similar to your own?
  • Do they take steps to accommodate different learning styles?

These are all essential attributes. If any of them are missing, you should take your search elsewhere.

Be clear about your custom e-learning needs

You don’t need to be an e-learning expert, or even have an understanding of educational principles (that’s what we’re here for!), but you do at least need to have your learning outcomes properly pinned down. No custom e-learning development company will be able to build you a functional, results-oriented program that accurately reflects your brand, unless you’ve clearly articulated your goals.

Before attending initial consultations with custom e-learning companies, draw up a clear plan of what you need your training program to achieve, and what information absolutely must be included.

Choose a company that understands your goals

At RealFruit, we make it our mission to develop a deep understanding of our clients’ training needs. From initial meeting, to the launch of your fully-fledged e-learning program, we’re here to listen, advise and help you reach your goals.

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