E-learning for healthcare professionals

The great thing about e-learning is the endless number of subject modules that can be created. We’ve completed courses on interesting topics such as aviation, project management, leadership, etc. Out of the many issues we’ve created courses for is e-learning for healthcare professionals.

Although equally important as all other subjects, creating e-learning for healthcare professionals is usually tricky as it involves terminology regarding processes and policies that could ultimately be life-threatening.

During the recent Covid-19 pandemic, we saw a sharp increase in creating e-learning for healthcare professionals. It was not only front-line workers modules designed for but also support workers and office staff. In one case, we designed and developed a series of modules as part of an NHS initiative aligning team members, leaders, and managers of all levels into a positive way of dealing with problems.

As is often the case with e-learning, the subject was rather dry. As with all ‘dry subjects’ we encounter, we decided to approach this project with a high level of interactivity in mind. The e-learning for healthcare professionals we created used tactics to keep learners engaged with their content. These tactics involved JavaScript-powered multiplayer games and a real-time multiuser simulation. We also used a lot of great design to create an interface that employed animation and connected directly to the learners’ content. This contrasts with other ‘off-the-shelf‘ e-learning companies and passive e-learning.

Working with senior managers to analyse learners’ needs, we like to establish exactly what is missing in the current training and how we can fill these gaps in the training. As with all learners, each has its learning style, which needs to be considered when developing e-learning for healthcare professionals. To do this, we set branching scenarios in the modules and have a simple Myres Briggs type quiz at the front to establish the type of personality. From there, they were guided to a certain branch more suited to that personality type.

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