E-Learning in South Wales

One thing that we’re proud of here at Real Fruit E-Learning is we are one of the very few (if not, the only) eLearning companies here in South Wales.

We take pride in serving large and small businesses in Wales and love being at the centre of e-learning in South Wales. There’s something very special about working in a community that Wales has to offer. Like many communities, We’re lucky to have incentives to encourage business growth that help with networking, finance, marketing, funding and much more. Take a look at Business Wales to find out more.

Developing e-learning in South Wales allows us to not only work with fantastic clients where we can develop lasting relationships but also nurture these relationships that last many years.

The Journey of E-Learning in South Wales

E-Learning in South Wales has come a long way over the years. Back in the mid-late 1990’s I was studying for an NVQ in I.T. and got my first insight into eLearning while on work placement (ugh). Interfaces were clunky, interactions minimal, and interfaces were generally pretty poor looking and performing; as for a Learning Management System, they weren’t even around. The software we’d use was terrible. This was before Flash and was called Authorware, or more fondly known as Awfulware!

Elearning in South Wales has sometimes required us to publish in two languages, English and Welsh. Localisation is never an issue and is something we believe is often an overlooked aspect of course creation.

Accessibility in E-Learning

When creating courses, we always consider other important aspects such as accessibility. This plays a major role in the systems we build, and although e-learning authoring tools have made a little progress in accessibility features, we still make sure our courses are accessible as possible.

We are at the heart of E-Learning in South Wales. We’re passionate about what we do and love great graphic design, the infinite power of JavaScript and advanced interaction design.

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