The onslaught of the Corona Virus has changed the world dramatically; with so many people working from home, the need for dynamic, engaging and, more importantly, effective online training has never been greater. The change in work habits has upped the game considerably in the e-Learning world. Thankfully, the long-accepted standard of nothing more than a ‘Back’ and ‘Next’ button has gone; people expect more engagement and more interactivity, so where does that leave the e-Learning industry? Hopefully, in a much better place! Within the e-learning industry, there is so much lousy e-learning that change might be good.

A Change is Needed?

It’s interesting to note that in other tech industries that change at an equally fast pace, people train themselves up and go with the flow, as new ways of doing things or new code libraries (React and Vue for JavaScript, for example) emerge, people learn these and employ them. In the e-Learning industry, this doesn’t seem doesn’t to happen. With the power and capabilities of tools such as JavaScript, Photoshop, Illustrator, it’s surprising how many e-learning developers cannot use them, instead relying only on what an authoring program has to offer, which is a shame.

A Mix Bag of Skills

I’ve personally worked with many e-learning developers that lack these skills, skills which are essential for creating great-looking e-learning. Sounds arrogant, maybe, but I find it annoying when someone calls themselves an e-learning developer because they can make a PowerPoint presentation and use the ‘Animation’ tab! E-learning is so much more than this. Apart from the learning theories, there’s also a lot of graphic design and interaction design that goes into it. And it’s this that takes years to understand.

Could this be where the problem lies? Are we as an industry too complacent in our forward-thinking and our learning of new technologies? It could very well be the case; for years, e-Learning as a whole has not progressed a great deal, we still see so much of the templated text on the left, irrelevant image on the right, and this is something that seriously needs to change if we as an industry are going to meet the growing demand placed on the e-learning industry.

Real Fruit E-Learning

We started Real Fruit E-Learning precisely because of this. We’ve seen so much lousy e-learning that we decided to form a team and make fantastic courses. To use our skills in JavaScript development, graphic design, illustration and animation, and our understanding of learning methodologies and build e-learning that stands out and that learners love. We’re passionate about e-learning and passionate about creating excellent courses.

Look at what we do and drop us a line to talk about your next e-learning project.


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