Keep up to date with the latest discoveries and clinical advances—at your own time and at your own pace—with Real Fruit Elearning online programs. In our recent post, you can learn more about choosing between e-learning and instructor-led learning. An eLearning course’s learning goals and objectives can be a great roadmap for learning online – read the online course requirements and instructions carefully. When you decide to create an eLearning course, you know that all your employees will receive the same high-quality training wherever they are.

If your training covers a lot of material that you will need to refer to later, such as new product specifications, eLearning gives your employees access to those resources when needed. On the other hand, for e-learning, employees will only need access to a computer or mobile phone and some time to complete the training. Understanding how adults learn is the first step in creating e-learning content that adults want to start and finish. Ensure you always match the curriculum to the experience and position of adult learners in the organization.

Adult learners have a large set of experiences they can use in their learning process. They can, for example, take advantage of previous knowledge and link it to new ideas. For example, a simulation course designed for marketers may include realistic situations that allow them to improve their skills and apply previously acquired knowledge.

Online learning requires effective time management, communication skills and the ability to work with technology. Most eLearning applications require the use of a well-known internet browser such as Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, or Firefox to be able to connect and access the site effectively, so you may want to check this out. The eLearning For You LMS app gives you easy access to everything related to your eLearning For You learning, Bookshelf resources, and more, including social learning, messages, and news.

If your company is forcing you to work from home, they’ve likely thought about some of the potential dangers of such an arrangement and provided you with strategies you can implement to help you meet the specific security needs of your business. When working from home, protection is especially important because one wrong step can give hackers access to information that could compromise not only your business but also your customers, with devastating consequences. Many people don’t realize this and don’t take the time to ensure their passwords are as secure as possible.

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