We create great bespoke eLearning and one of the great things about it it’s eLearning for you. What this means is it’s different from off the shelf eLearning. If you have a team of learners being updated an a policy and some of the learners have experience of that policy and some don’t with the eLearning for you approach this could be turned into a branching scenario. Each learner taking the path that resonates with them.

Elearning for you, not off-the-shelf

An off the shelf course won’t have options such as this, instead it assumes everyone learns the same and everyone is at the same place in their learning journey. These courses often have uninspiring interface designs that encompass the old text on the left, irrelevant image on the right. In a lot of cases this type of learning is ineffective and is often a waste of money.

Choosing elearning for you is the opposite of this, we target your direct learner needs and strive to understand your learners. We look at the problems your teams are experiencing, we analyse why you are experiencing a gap in learning and work closely to develop a strong and scalable solution.

Elearning for you and the modules we create

The modules we create are a direct result of this, the interfaces we design look awesome, they connect to the content and help your learners understand it. We’ve created interactive comics with animated comic cells to bring really ‘dry’ subjects to life. We’ve created video backgrounds that interact with the learning and help tell a story. We’ve created puzzle backgrounds that again, are connected to the content, puzzles the learner solves as they work through the module.

Another great aspect of the bespoke elearning for you approach is the ability to use other sources of learning, sources such as games. Gamification has exploded in the last few years, and we absolutely love creating and implementing games in our courses. We’re not talking about drag and drop games but full-blown HTML5 & JavaScript games. These types of games are fully downloadable which we find is a great way to get learners excited and talking about their training.

If you’re looking to get some awesome bespoke e-learning for your teams, get in touch here or even better, get your free project estimate here!

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