Ensuring accessibility in e-learning courses

E-Learning is an amazing tool and has evolved almost beyond recognition to today. One aspect of online training that hasn’t grown as much as it should have is accessibility.

What is Accessible e-Learning?

Accessible learning allows every user to access that education regardless of ability. Learning abilities can include visual impairment, auditory issues, mobility, speech and cognitive disabilities. Covering for abilities in e-learning is a near-impossible task as authoring tools lack built-in features for accessibility.

Why is Accessible e-Learning Important?

Creating e-learning that is accessible is an extra step in the process but one that should be included by nature. According to the UK Family Resource Survey, an estimated 22% of the population has a disability.

A disability isn’t always the stereotypical user that requires a screen reader. There’s an endless list of disabilities, with each needing a unique approach to planning.

Problems accessible e-learning face with advancing technology

Advancing technology can be a double-edged sword in this industry, and authoring tools already lag behind technology’s ability. And as technology is growing at an astounding rate, these authoring tools seem to be more at a standstill.

However, simple steps can be taken to enable accessible e-learning (to a certain extent)—using the ‘Alt’ tag to describe images for screen readers.

It’s possible to align tab items so a user who uses the keyboard for navigation can complete interactions.

What the future holds

e-Learning has come a long way over the years but still has a long way to go, especially regarding accessibility. It’s a shame that e-learning tools haven’t focused on accessibility and that so many could miss out. It is positive that some have started to pick up on the massive need for accessibility features in their products. It will also be interesting to see how this will progress in the future. 

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