Looking for a way to make learning fun and engaging? Look no further than online training games! These top-rated games let you hone your skills in an interactive, dynamic environment, leaving traditional textbook procedures far behind.

CodinGame: Code Your Way to the Top.

CodinGame is a training game where you create algorithms to solve puzzles. It features 38 coding languages, including Java, Python, Grade and JavaScript. As you progress through the puzzles, your skills are tested with increasingly challenging tasks — so you can compete against other players as you work your way up the leaderboard! With CodinGame, mastering coding has never been more exciting.

Typing Tutor Games: Master Keyboarding Basics.

The key to mastering any coding language is speed and accuracy when typing. By playing a variety of typing tutor games, such as Typeracer, you can develop your keyboard skills and increase your typing speed. These fun and interactive games help you learn where all the keys are located, while reinforcing proper finger placement on the keyboard. Additionally, many of these games are timed — so make sure to practice regularly to improve those reaction speeds.

Crosswords: Exercise Your Brain Muscles.

Crossword puzzles are a great way to hone your problem-solving skills. Not only are they fun and engaging, but they require you to think critically and search for hidden meanings. Puzzles help keep your mental aptitude sharp, which means you’ll be more prepared and able to tackle tough coding problems. Try Brainzy, a website that offers tons of digital crossword puzzles specifically designed for elementary-aged children. With simple interfaces and leveled difficulty, it’s the perfect place for a coding student of any age!

Sheppard Software: Learn While Playing Games.

Sheppard Software provides tons of fun educational games for a range of ages. There’s something for everyone, from early learners to professionals. From geography and math to anatomy and science, you can practice your knowledge in an entertaining way that truly enriches your learning experience. All games are designed with step-by-step tutorials and helpful tools so you can get the most out of each activity. Experience a better way to learn with Sheppard Software!

Khan Academy: Strengthen Your Maths Skills and More.

Khan Academy offers a wide range of training games designed to help you improve your maths skills. From basic addition and subtraction all the way up to calculus and algebra, you can sharpen your mental maths skills in an enjoyable way. Many lessons come packed with exercises and interactive activities that help explain each concept as well as provide extra practice to strengthen your comprehension. With dozens of engaging games, you’ll be able to learn maths more effectively at a pace that’s comfortable for you.

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