Free Course: Compassion in the Workplace

Unlock your potential with our free e-learning course ‘Compassion in the Workplace’, offering expert insights and practical knowledge that will supercharge your skills in active listening, demonstrating compassion and more. Completely free of charge.

Interactive Video

Video, with a twist. Assessing your learners directly in the video they’re watching is a great way to see if the content has hit home. Interactions can be text-based, audio-based, drag-and-drop-based, image-based or even video-based

Drag and Drop / Sequence Arrangement

Need your learners to remember a sequence or a specific order? This interaction allows them to do that, by dragging the images into the correct order learners get to understand a process or timeline.


Learners investigate images with feedback provided through various media such as video, audio and text


Putting a strong emphasis on learning by playing, gamification helps solidify new knowledge

Data-Driven, Interactive Charts

We strongly believe that data should be explored, especially in a learning experience, and we strongly encourage our clients to use data-driven, interactive charts. Plus, we love building these as we’re total nerds!

Mixed Line and Bar Chart

Experimental Interactions

Always pushing the boundary of what eLearning can and should do, we like to create new ways for learners to interact with their learning. Text-to-speech not only removes a lot of accessibility barriers but also adds another element of fun to the learning experience. Works in Chrome and Edge.

Speech to Text

Your Transcript

Select the Word

Providing direct feedback to the learner allows them to instantly see if their entry is right or wrong.

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