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Customer Service Training

Working alongside the largest security company in the UK to create training to enhance customer satisfaction and streamline the workflow and communication between agents in the field and office-based teams.


    We based this project on the ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ books but heavily video based. The learner followed a character meeting and talking to customers whilst communicating with the team in the office.

Engaging, Interactive and Effective

Experience dynamic online learning with Real Fruit eLearning. We specialise in creating engaging, interactive content that transforms traditional education into an immersive digital experience. Our courses are designed to captivate learners, fostering active participation and knowledge retention. Dive into a world of interactive content that adapts to your pace, making learning a personalised journey. Discover the power of online learning with us and unlock your potential from anywhere, any time.

At our eLearning company, we redefine online learning through interactive content that sparks curiosity and deepens understanding. Our dedicated team of experts crafts courses beyond static lectures, integrating simulations, quizzes, and collaborative activities for an enriched educational adventure. With a commitment to innovation, we embrace technology to provide you with seamless access to our dynamic online learning platform. Embark on your learning journey with us and experience the transformational impact of interactive content on your educational growth.

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Interactive Leadership Training

Working with one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, we developed a series of modules based on effective leadership and problem-solving.

These modules were highly interactive and were based on a comic the learner worked through. Packed with interactive video, audio and games they went out to over 37,000 learners. 

Interactive eLearning comic

Working with Real Fruit was a great experience that delivered exactly what we asked for, their designs were fantastic and well beyond the ‘click next’ learning that’s out there!

Kemi Madumere

Founder, Brighter Futures Project

team based problem solving in elearning with real fruit

Team-Based Problem Solving

A course we created for a global leadership company. The learner was introduced and followed the different characters of a team through a problem. Using gamification, video, narration and more to the learner discovered the best ways to problem solve as a team.

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